The 10th Anniversary of the Proposal!!

***This is a repeat blog post that I’ve updated and I will probably share it every year on this day. For those who don’t know our love story, please continue reading below!***

Engage + Anniversary = Engageversary….is that even a word???!!! Oh well, I think they should add it to Webster’s Dictionary! January 3rd will always be a special day because it’s the day that my husband proposed to me. Our engagement was 10 years ago today. We were on a cruise-we call it the honeymoon before the wedding! I blogged about how he proposed HERE. I’m excited to share today’s post because it’s filled with pictures we took while on the cruise a decade ago. We were younger, vibrant, in love, and ready to conquer the world! Enjoy!

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“Life is Not Measured by the Breaths You Take but, by the Moments That Take Your Breath Away!”

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