Lost Files: My Old Sewing and Craft Space

While going through some old pictures, I found a set that I had totally forgotten about. These photos are of my sewing and craft space at my previous home. This space was originally our dining room. Since we barely used it for that purpose, I decided to sell the dining room furniture and created this space for my favorite past time.

As many of you know, I’ve been sewing since high school and crocheting since the age of five. For many years I didn’t do either because I was too busy with my career and family. Then, I started following an influencer that made sewing cool again. Even though I don’t get many opportunities to sit at my sewing machine; when I do, it’s pure enjoyment.

For me, the main essential tools in sewing are a sewing machine and a serger. One day, my sewing machine just stopped working and was beyond repair. I purchased another Brother sewing machine but with a lot more bells and whistles. This particular serger does the job and I sill have it but I can’t wait to buy one that threads itself!

Fabric buying can become a very addictive habit. Having a “stash” of fabric is not uncommon for people who sew. I still find it very difficult to pass up purchasing beautiful fabric even when I’m not actively sewing. It can also be a very expensive habit. Nice fabric will cost you approximately $12-$15 (on the low end) per yard and for most projects, you will need between three and four yards of fabric.

Above is my stash from a few years ago and it’s definitely grown since then. The unit and inserts are from Ikea. The ruler, trash can, and miniature pails are from Hobby Lobby. I store all of my patterns inside the wicker inserts. Inside the miniature pails are items like pens, seam rippers, and other things that I’d like to keep out of reach of my kids. If I remember correctly, I purchased the little flip calendar from Kirkland’s home goods store.

In the above pictures, I was putting the finishing touches on a dress I blogged about HERE. But, not before needing to use my seam ripper to correct a mistake I made while sewing the hem.

The wall art is from Pottery Barn and you can purchase it HERE. In our new home, this artwork is now in my office. Hopefully, I am able to have my new sewing space photographed soon so that I can share it with you. It is totally different than this space and it is my happy place.

Here’s a closer look at the large scale ruler and the small pails that I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

I bought the clock from Hobby Lobby and the clothes rack was purchased from an Etsy store. The rack is made out of rulers and framed in a stained wood. Because the space was originally designed to be a dining room, there was no closest for me to hang a garment once I was finished making it. Also, it’s customary to hang dresses and pants overnight prior to hemming-so this rack came in really handy.

The day we took these photos, I had big plans for this fabric that I’m laying out. However, I never cut into it because I became indecisive about if I should use this particular print for the project I wanted to complete. So yes, three years later, this fabric is still in my stash! I know one day I’ll figure out how to turn this two dimensional fabric into a three dimensional masterpiece!

In the photo on the left, the unit, table attachment, and inserts are from Ikea. I purchased the chalkboard and calendar from Pottery Barn. In the photo on the right, there’s a dress hanging in the background. I never photographed this dress for the blog, but it’s coming soon!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I’ll see you next time!

Photographer: Say Cheese Photography & Studios

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